The Lefty's Story

We’re passionate people who get excited about great quality, down-to-earth stuff. What’s well-made should be well-worn. What’s consumed should be of considerate quality, not just reserved for connoisseurs.

We want to join our love of expertly crafted, superb-quality, and reasonably priced stuff with our other love: hemp. And we want to share it with you, because just like a broken-in leather jacket, good stuff is meant to be passed on.

Lefty’s are fine hemp smokes made in small batches with only choice cuts of pure American hemp and flower, hand-chosen for their quality & aroma. Each pack is crafted with care by our certified Blendmaster, resulting in a smoke weaved in correct proportion for a consistently easy draw worthy of being shared.

Hemp Matters

Similar to how not all cuts of meat are the same, there’s a huge difference when it comes to the cuts of hemp selected to create the ideal smoking experience.

Lefty's Heartland Hemp

We source our hemp exclusively from local growers in the heartland of America, from single-estate, family-owned farms — never from the corporate growers looking to mass produce a cash crop with the highest profit.

The result is a more honest hemp, with traceable origins, grown with pride and care because quality is the selling point instead of price. It also means more attention is placed to growing conditions, such as the soil and surrounding air, to ensure a pristine environment for the cleanest crop.

Tested for Quality & Purity

When adult hemp is ready for harvesting, only the best plants are chosen for their adherence to a strict set of quality criteria. They must be in pristine condition, in perfect health, and without any undesirable qualities such as wilted leaves.

These plants are then immediately tested by an independent, 3rd-party laboratory for any potential contaminants and impurities, such as heavy metals, organic & inorganic solvents, pesticides, and biological contaminants.

Slow-Cured for Aged Perfection

Good things take time. Instead of cooking hemp to dry it faster, we take the traditional method of first thoroughly washing our plants with purified water, then slow curing them in dark, ventilated rooms for four weeks. This ensures a more natural drying, and allows the hemp to retain more of its original quality while developing a uniquely complex flavor profile.

Blended to Correct Proportion

We take our slow-cured hemp and separate stalk from leaf and flower, gently mincing the stalk and leaf while applying a chiffonade to the flower. Each is then combined by our certified Blendmaster, creating Lefty’s Original flavor.

Each hand-crafted batch is then left to further air out and settle, before being tested again for any impurities and contaminants. Then it’s loaded into a single, dedicated rolling machine, where each smoke is wrapped in natural paper and joined with a virgin cardboard filter.

Crafted Well to Share

For over two years we've been perfecting the Lefty's smoke through some enjoyable experimentation. We wanted to create an alternative to tobacco cigarettes with the pleasure of cannabis, without the overwhelming THC high. It's been thoroughly tested by gentlemen & women, charlatans and shady folk, the high-class and low-brow, across camping trips, dive bars, music venues, and remote islands.

The result of this labor of love is a high-quality hemp smoke with a consistent experience worthy to be passed to the left. It's your turn to try.