Fine hemp smokes made to share.

An old tradition steeped in the gritty roots of continental America, the hemp smoke has been shared like fables at campfires across generations.

We’ve revived the old staple using new strains, with only choice cuts of pure hemp and flower chosen for their quality & aroma.

The result is a pleasure in taste matched only by the pleasure of company, so pass it to the left for those old & new friends.

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We couldn't pick which blend we liked the most. So, we thought we'd let you try the final candidates for our authentic, original blend. For free. Because we want you to whore us out on social media.

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Pre-Release Blends

The bold new original, with three pre-release blends. Choice, fresh cuts of fine hemp are blended in correct proportion for superior, long-lasting flavor.

  • No nicotine
  • No tobacco
  • No high

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Free Tastemaker Trucker

Meet the blends.

The hard part is picking a winner when every blend is exceptional. The fun part was creating & experiencing the many blends that came before these final three candidates.

Finest hemp

We source our hemp exclusively from local growers in the heartland of America, from single-estate, family-owned farms.

  • Fully traceable origins
  • Pristine growing conditions
  • Triple-tested for quality & purity


Good things take time. Our freshly-cut hemp is washed in purified water, then slow-cured & aged in dark rooms for a month.

  • Never baked or heated
  • Retains more complexity
  • More authentic flavor


Hemp stalks & leaves are gently minced while applying a chiffonade to the flower. Our certified Blendmaster then works magic.

  • No seeds
  • No fillers
  • Pure hemp

You try.

  • Grab the three-pack of Lefty's three Original Blend finalists
  • Venture into the great outdoors
  • Kick out a blanket on the great outdoors and get cozy
  • Throw on your favorite jams & enjoy Lefty's responsibly
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You decide.

  • Follow along with our email guides to sampling the finalists
  • Use our survey to tell us what you think of each Original Blend finalist
  • We rate each blend on a 10-point scale
  • The Original Blend is chosen and it becomes the flagship Lefty's flavor
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